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Institute for Social Studies of the University Of Warsaw and
Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Data Deposit Form

1. Title of the Study

1. Web page address of the Study

2. Full name of the institution depositing the data

3. Please enter the name of the principal investigator and your contact person for questions about the study

a) Principal Investigator

Principal Investigator's e-mail

b) Contact Person

Contact person's e-mail

Study Description

4. The purpose of the study

5. Main topics of the study

6. Unit of Analysis (e.g. respondent)

Sample design

7. What was the type of the sample applied in the study?

8. What was the geographic coverage of your sample?

9. What was the lower age cut-off for your sample?
lat i więcej

10. Was there any upper age cut-off for your sample?
Yes, people over the age of ... were excluded or more
No - there was no upper cut-off

10. What data collection methods were used for the study?
"face-to-face" interview
Postal survey

If mixed mode or other, please, describe the method of data collection in more details:

11. What was the total number of starting or issued names/addresses and the total number of successfully completed
starting or issued names/addresses
sucessfully completed

12. Was substitution or replacement permitted at any stage of your selection process or during fieldwork?

If so, in what way was substitution or replacement permitted?

13. Were the data weighted or post-stratified?

If so, what kind of factors were considered at construction of the post-stratified weighting factor?

Please, briefly describe the weighting or post-stratification strategy used

14. All in all, what are the known limitations (biases) of your achieved sample? For example: is there differential coverage of particular groups, either because of sample design or response differences?

Was a complete description of sample design attached to deposited documentation?


16. Please write in the start and end dates of fieldwork:
Start date: Day: Month: Year:

End date: Day: Month: Year:

If other, please, describe in more details

17. While repeating the attempts to contact with a respondent or household/address, were the interviewers required to:
make a certain number of calls/visits in different times of the same day
make a certain number of calls/visits on different days
none of above

Additional information:

18. How many times were interviewers required to make a certain number of calls/visits to a respondent or household/address before they were acknowledged unavailable?
Minimum number of contact attempts

Additional information:

19. Were any interviews back-checked (e.g. supervisor checks later whether interview was conducted)?
Yes - approximate proportion %

Additional information:

Other information about the study

20. Pattern for data quotation

21. If your study is a part of a larger survey or coming from other sources (like e.g. public statistics) - what is its source?

22. Please, indicate generally accessible publications that refer to the data deposited at the Archive

Data distribution

Technical information concerning the data depositing to the ADS

23. Total number of different files deposited to the ADS

No. File name Number of cases/size In bytes Number of variables Format(SPSS, SPSS-portable, ASCII, PDF) File description

24. The way data were deposited in the Archive/ what data carrier was used?

25. What kind of processing was involved in producing the data sets/ archiving the data set at the Archive?
Please check a box if the answer is YES (positive)

File 1 File 2 File 3 File 4 File 5 File 6 File 7 File 8 File 9 File 10
A Full control over logic consistency of the data set
B Control over correctness with respect to the instructions at filter questions
C Creating derived variables on the basis of the already existent
D Control over non-documented "wild codes"
E Standardization of the special codes
F The data-set contains string values

If the answer is positive for A, B or D, please answer the following question

26. Were interviewers' errors corrected: (for example, by a 'forced' edit):
Both - automatically and individually

27. Was the documentation diposited as:

If other, please give more detailed information

Enter abbrev. name of our archive: