A joint project by
Institute for Social Studies of the University Of Warsaw and Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Stawki 5/7, 00-183 Warsaw, Poland
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Social Data Preparation Manual

Social Data Preparation Manual

Bogdan Cichomski, Tomasz Jerzyński, Marcin Zieliński
Center for Sociological Research
Institute for Social Studies
Warsaw University

The manual content is available in PDF format (only Polish).


1. Introduction
2. Advantages of data archiving
3. Importance of data management planning
3.1. Documentation as a part of the Project plan
3.2. Software
4. Control of data correctness within a set and its integrity
4.1. Mistakes control in the set
4.1.1. "Wild codes"
4.1.2. "Outliers"
4.2. Logical consistency control
4.2.1 Filter questions
4.2.2 Instructions before the questioning
4.2.3 Dates and time intervals
4.3. Control of hierarchical structures sets
5. Preparation of technical and methodological documentation of the study
5.1. Codebook
5.2. Frequencies
5.3. Descriptive statistics
6. Preparation of the data for registration
6.1. Data sets accepted formats
6.2. Technical aspects of data sets
6.2.1. Data definition statements
6.2.2. Variable names
6.2.3. Variable labels
6.2.4. Variable values
6.2.5. Value labels
6.2.6. Missing values and special codes Selection of special codes
7. Data management
8. Spare copies
9. Anonymity
10. Summary listing of the requirements to the deponents
10.1. Data set
10.2. Documentation
11. Deposit of data in the Archive
11.1 General information
11.2. Deposit of data recorded to CD
11.3. Data sending via FTP protocol
11.3.1. Configuration of FTP program with ADS server
11.3.2.Login to ADS server and data sets upload
Appendix A
Appendix B

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